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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Losers Season 1

    • Losers S1E1 Threatening To Get Fired
    • Losers S1E2 Boss Man Be Tripping
    • Losers S1E3 What If Someone Is Reading Our Life In A Book
    • Losers S1E4 I Don't Deserve Much
    • Losers S1E5 I Don't Give 100%
    • Losers S1E6 Too Much Responsibility
    • Losers S1E7 Don't Eat That
    • Losers Bonus Episode 1
    • Losers Bonus Episode 2
    • Losers S1E8 Aliens
    • Losers S1E9 I'm Not Supposed To Be Here Today
    • Losers S1E10 What Were You Going To Do On Your Off Day Anyway
    • Losers S1E11 A Lovely Day
    • Losers S1E12 The Government
    • Losers S1E13 An Office For Extroverts
    • Losers S1E14 Food Is Life
  • 2

    Losers S2E1

    • Losers S2E1 What About Words
    • Losers S2E2 Kool Aide Is Not Water