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    The days of being relevant without being a resource are over. You MUST learn how to add value and your book must offer value in order to sell.

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    Writing your book and having it published can introduce you and your brand to audiences all around the world. Become a known author that delivers!

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    Not only can you receive residual income by being an author, your book(s) can lead to speaking engagements, courses, book tours and so much more that adds money to your accounts!

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Meet Our Master Trainer

Antonio T. Smith Jr., The Millionaire Maker

Antonio T. Smith Jr.

President, CEO & Master Trainer

Antonio T. Smith Jr.

Antonio T. Smith, Jr. is the C.E.O. of The ATS JR Companies, a top personal development and training company that offers people from small business owners, to managers, to entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home moms, and college students reliable, high-quality resources through coaching, motivational speaking, and free and paid resources, and the active CEO of The ATS JR Business University, a university developed to make small business owners and individuals millionaires. In 2009, after identifying Facebook “going public” as something that has never happened before in social media world, Antonio spend the next 6 years mastering all things Facebook, digital marketing, public relations, and sales funnels, because he recognized this to be the start of a new trend that was not going any where any time soon. Antonio studied and master the trade of Business to build his businesses and moving to help other businesses in dying markets to revive themselves. Today he is known for making profitable clients more profitable and has a number of celebrity clients. During his growth season and learning and mastering the art of Business, he started several podcasts to share his wealth of knowledge to help others master the art of business. These podcasts include Brick By Brick, The Secret to Success, Overcoming Low Self Esteem and his most recent and quickly growing podcast, Awareness TV. Antonio has launched a plan to dominate the podcast industry because he believes this will be one of the most powerful platforms around for the next 100 years. Not only has Antonio leveraged content creation and the rise of social media for his personal brand, but it was the seed which would become the pillar to his now 10-year path to adding value and sharing his wealth of knowledge of business through The ATS JR Companies and the ATS Business University. Outside of being the CEO of his own companies, Antonio is a highly sought after international public speaker, a 3-time Amazon Bestselling Author, as well as a celebrity business Advisor with clients that range from Les Brown to Chase Bank to NBA basketball players, and several other major companies. Antonio is currently the subject of the Plant Better Vlog, an online documentary series highlighting what it’s like to be a young CEO and public figure in today’s world, as well the host of The Plant Better Mindset Calls, a weekly call to give his audience the tools needed to better themselves, and host of Awareness TV, a show exposes the untruths that have kept society unaware, blind and oblivious to what is going on around them. Combining metaphysics, science, theology, history and alternative science, Rediscover our world through a new awakening. In addition to ATS Business University, The ATS JR Companies also houses ATS Publishing, a publishing company started to benefit the writer and allow them to make a true profit on their dreams. In addition to running The ATS JR Companies, Antonio also has Kode Inc. Tech, a technology company that devious artificial intelligence, ATS Media and several other companies that add value to the lives of the over 500,000 followers world wide that believe in what Antonio T. Smith Jr does. Antonio is also developing a brick and mortar university that will administer GEDs, Associates and Bachelors Degrees, and will revolutionize how college and universities handle business- this business is already has a valuation of over $100,000,000. Antonio is also the COO and Director of Business Development and Operations of the Les Brown Unlimited, Business Advisor for the NAACP, Missouri City Chapter, and Business Advisor for the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce. Antonio T. Smith, Jr. was born on the island of Galveston, TX. At the age of six, Antonio had to overcame abandonment, homelessness, brokenness and living in a dumpster until the age of 14. Antonio’s childhood help build him to become the person that he is today because he had to teach himself the same “Plant Better” Principles that he teaches us today.

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