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Course curriculum

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    Personal Development

    • Making Small Changes, Having A Big Impact
    • Creating Your Own Blueprint
    • What Is The Thing Killing Your Business
    • Work Within Your Strengths
    • You Are In Places You Shouldn't Be
    • Switching Up The Plan And Finding The Right Seat
    • How Do I Handle People Who Don't Have The Passion For My Business
    • Use Brain Games And Be A Resource
    • Collect Money
    • Winning Makes People Respect You
    • Grow Every Day
    • You Are As Good As The Person Sitting Next To You
    • Don't Let Your Mistakes Define You
    • Creating A Powerful Day
    • Get Some Sleep
    • Spend Less Than You Earn
    • Keep Track of Your Steps
    • Do Yoga
    • Learn a Foreign Language
    • A Higher Consciousness Than You
    • Do Not Take Advice From People Around You
    • Cultivate Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Your Emotional Intelligence Will Get You Further Than Your Intelligence Ever Will
    • Your Emotional Intelligence Will Always Lead You Into Places Where Your Intellectual Intelligence Cannot Open Doors
    • Emotional Intelligence Will Get You Through The Door